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Just so many questions!

Who would you be in business with if your partner or co shareholder past away?

Would the finance provider call in the loan and fold your business if the key person past away or suffered a critical illness?

Would the business be effected financially putting everyones income (owners and staff) at risk if a key person past away or suffered a critical illness?

You need to consider share holder protection, loan protection and key man cover. These insurances are often cheaper than mortgage covers as they are over shorter terms so give us a call and we can provide some free ideas.

Auto enrollment. Well its another cost to the business so as you have to pay for this why not differnentiate yourself from your competitors and offer an auto enrollment service thats aspireational! A service that staff see as a reason to stay in your employment?

Does your current provider just offer default passive schemes schemes with no advice to your staff or you?

Give us a call for a small fee our service and support could be valued more by your staff than a pay rise and be cheaper!

Hold on! Running a business isn't all about securing the staffs income and retirement. Have you got an pension? This can be more sophsiticate than autoenrollment with greater investment options. It can be funded monthly or via adhoc lump sums. It is a huge tool to get money out of the business into your own name tax efficiently.

If you do not have an executive pension plan of some kind then I dare you to speak to your accountant and ask them if you should get one. As long as you have a sound cash flow the answer would be yes! Call us for more information around the tax benefits of a pension funded in your name by your business as a business expense.

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