Equity Release

Equity release used to be a bit of a tabbo topic but this type of finance has started to be come more and more main stream. More lenders are entering the market and these lenders are releasing and changing products monthly in competition with each other. This is great news for you as this innovation is creating products to solve real life financial issues and driving costs down much lower than was seen some 10 years ago. 


But with all these new products its important you get advice from the right people. We offer a whole of market service accessing all equity release providers that will deal with intermderies. Well small caviate there in that we also recommend those lenders that are reputable and members of the equity release council to safe guard you!

Advance in this area can be much quicker than organising standard mortgages as the lenders are more focused on your property than your own financial status.

Therefore you do not have to prove or have income. Past credit issues are less of a problem especially if satisfied.

The other advice factor is your health. Its like applying for life cover in reverse because some lenders will offer to lend you more or even offer a lower interest rate if you have certain health conditions.

The value, condition of the property and your age are the main factors effecting underwriting.

Peoples need for equity release advice has developed on from those just wanting to draw a maximum lump sum advance. This option is still common but more options are avalible.

Options such as:

  • Draw a lump sum for what you need now and have a researve to draw on in the future. This could lower the rate charged and you'll only accure interest on what you have drawn.

  • Maybe and income would be better so a product that pays you a regular income means interest won't grow as fast.

  • Did you want to make payments so the interest doesn't grow the debt or even make bigger over payments to reduce the debt to provide more benefit later or provide your family with more money on death

  • Some providers charge large penelties for early repayment did you want a provider thats offers flexible features to lower or aviod these?

There are many features to consider and we are here to help and guide you to get the product that best suits you.

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