Planning for retirement

Our advice process

We welcome your enquiry large or small. When you deal with us our first and overrding ambition is to help you understand your current arrangements, the general rules around pensions and your options. If you then choose to use our services great! We take pride in explaining everything in a lanugange everyone can understand.

We start with an informal chat where we learn what your hoping to achieve. We introduce ourbusiness  so you fully understand how we work and who we are. If your comfortable to proced we build then a fuller picture of your current situation.

We explore investment risk as investments do go down as well as up. The more risk your comfortable with the harder the falls will be when markets change but this this rewarded with POTENTIALLY higher returns over a longer period. We discuss this in great detail at our meeting to ensure you understand and are comfortable with how your money can change in value.

Once we have this picture we send you an engagment letter which sets out our understanding of your current situation, your objectives and most importantly our fee proposal to research, recommend adn impliment a solution for you. Each proposal is unique as every persons personal circumstances are unique.

Once you confirm back to us engagment we start the formal research to build a recommendation which includes writting to any providers your currently use to get full information on plans you currently hold.

We then meet again to present and explain our research and recommendation.

If you are happy with the recommednation we then complete all the paperwork for you and ensure the new arrangments are set up smoothly.

This starts an ongoing relationship as we meet with most of our clients annually to review how your life has changed, review the performance of our recommendations and update you on any regulatory changes. This is the time to make any tweaks or amendments to keep you on track.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. The value of investments and income derived from them may go down as well as up and you may not necessarily get back the amount you invested.  

Pension Solutions

Platform solutions

We may recommend that you hold and trade your investments and/or pensions in one place via a platform service. Under this solution, the funds are managed by Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) through the construction of model portfolios which align to your attitude to risk and offer diversification. By opting for this solution, you will have easy access to valuations and up to date information via accessing the Platform where the funds are held. The DFMs will also send quarterly reports detailing the investment performance and valuation of your portfolio to keep you regularly updated. This solution also provides greater security for your funds as they are ringfenced from the DFMs.

Blogs and news about pensions

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