Planning for retirement

High net worth pension investors

Just like everything else in life the more you have the more in demand you are. With a larger fund you can now access a more bespoke service, higher service standards, direct access to investment professionals and typically better performance.

Enter the world of discreationary fund managers! (DFM)

We work along side many long standing and reputable DFM's who are mainly based in London. DFM's vary in cost, specialism, servicing, formality and personality. Our job is to help you find the right DFM to suit you.

With guidence from us around risk and tax the DFM will use this information to build a bespoke portfolio for you. This will include direct share holding, funds and cash. The make up will be dependent on the investment risk you are prepared to take.

If you have worked hard enough to build a sizable pension fund its likely you will have other assets such as ISA, general investments and investment bonds. A DFM can manage all the investments with your bespoke investment stratergy.

If your approaching retirement DFM's can really taylor your investment by switching all or some of your investments to assets that are income focused rather than growth.

DFMs' allow you to draw income directly from their accounts so you can move fairly seemlessly from accumilation to decumilation.

Finally at this stage in life your children may be building funds. They may be access this more bespoke service with smaller funds than usual by linking the accounts as a family unit.

Past performance is not an indicator of future performance. The value of investments and income derived from them may go down as well as up and you may not necessarily get back the amount you invested.  

Pension Solutions

Platform solutions

We may recommend that you hold and trade your investments and/or pensions in one place via a platform service. Under this solution, the funds are managed by Discretionary Fund Managers (DFM) through the construction of model portfolios which align to your attitude to risk and offer diversification. By opting for this solution, you will have easy access to valuations and up to date information via accessing the Platform where the funds are held. The DFMs will also send quarterly reports detailing the investment performance and valuation of your portfolio to keep you regularly updated. This solution also provides greater security for your funds as they are ringfenced from the DFMs.

Blogs and news about pensions

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